The Altered Idyl

2013, Mirta Demare Gallery Rotterdam,
– Arcadia in the middle of Europe, framed intervened prints, 33.5x39 cm
– The Tide (Die Fluten), framed intervened postcards, 38.8x36.3 cm

A serie of insertions and painting over works, on founded postcards and prints.
The founded material, digital collages and classical representations of an idyllic nature which
- these last ones- have its roots in the painting’s tradition of 18th -19th centuries, refers
simultaneously to high culture, pop culture  and european national identity.
The «détournement» at the margin of the image becomes an almost central part of the picture,
challenging the viewer’s perception. What happens when unconceivable scenes take place
in these representations, while at the same time characters of refugees and migrants -
as conceptual intervention- appear in these images and emerge like
ghosts of colonization demanding their place?