Prothesis & Fetish : Flaming Prostheses for Autonomy and Mutation ( Ritual Manifesto )

2016, various dimensions, bee's wax and wire
"New Buenos Aires" cur. by Dimitrina Sevova and Damien Christinger, Corner College, Zurich

Action, ritual of manifestation, an installative Manifesto.
A multitude breaking loose from some of the ties that bound it – such as slavery,
genderfication, dictatorships, roman catholic religion tightness in Latinamerica - .
The body is any longer trapped in a binary category system, but instead, the body becomes
a fluid transformed prosthesis of crowd’s desires.

These flaming prostheses exist in an intermediate zone, are unsettled, nomadic over the
articulation flourish/decay. The intrinsic anarchy of melting organs and combined
body’s parts represents a liberation’s gesture of "in betweens" against absolute structures.